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    There's a distinct lack of stylish and functional boxing wear around and a lot of people end up buying MMA gear and even Muay Thai stuff. So I thought it would be worth reviewing these Reebok boxing shorts. Also it might be interesting to get a discussion going about what people wear along with their gloves?!

    There's a good sale on at the moment so I picked up a pair of these for €35 reduced from the ridiculous price of €70. MMA stuff is both nicer and cheaper... Sigh.


    While these might not be everybody's taste I reckon they look nice compared to other boxing shorts and rival some of the more subtle MMA gear. They come in white/cream too and there's also a longer overknee version btw.

    I personally like to have a pair of classic boxing shorts around for groin guards as I find it more comfortable both under and over with a big waistband. The problem is I'm not a fan of satin materials due to their shine finish and tendency to stick to sweaty skin. That said, all the materials used here are top quality. The fabric is very light and breathable and the waistband has strong elastic. There's even a heavy duty seatbelt type strip down the outer leg, which I'm not sold on, but it's good quality for sure.

    The negative is the huge split up the sides. I don't need this for boxing and it makes them look really short and flap around a lot. The slits are like 3 inches up the side, it's ridiculous. 100% subjective though.


    This was only my second Reebok boxing purchase, after some boots, and overall I'm very impressed. In terms of functionality, much better than other boxing alternatives and rival MMA brands for style imo.

    Who out there wears just a pair of leggings Eubank Jr style?
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