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Jan 8, 2006
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just looking for some information on the stuff.
is it as bad as everyone says?
i normally have 2-3 cans a day to keep me going through my long work hours and training.
i have changed to the sugar free option and i drink 3-4 litres of water a day.
cheers for any help.
The only arguably bad ingredient is caffeine, which I have posted plenty about. Do a search and you should find everything that you are looking for.
I wouldn't see how it would be any different that coffee but damn 2 or 3 cans a day seems a bit excessive do you have trouble sleeping at night? I work a physically demanding job framing houses. Its my job to cut, pack and sometimes nail up damn near every peice of lumber on the job. I've been doing it since I was 12 i'm 20 now and i'll tell ya its so hard to work a regular job and STILL come home and train...I have always found that those Stacker 2 Breath Mints get me just as energized as red bull and there is no drinking involved plus the freshen your breath. Same as Red BUll pretty much alot of caffiene 2 little mints are equal to a cup of coffee roughly.
i love red bull, 2-3 cans a day isn't going to do you any harm.
If you chug the whole thing then start running or something sometimes you get dizzy or throwup
im an electrician.
i wake up at 5am.
i leave my house at 6am and have an hours travel to work to start at 7am.
i finish at 3pm.
after an hous travel home im normally home at 4pm depending on traffic.
training starts at 8pm.
thats an hour away from me so i normally leave my house at 6.30-7.00
training finishes at 10 and im home by 11. and in bed by 11.30 after having something to eat. so im only really able to get 5 hours sleep a night.
i dont have time to have a nap when i get in from work.
so red bull does help me a bit.
I would think you'd begin to build up an immunity. Also, make sure you're taking in extra water as the caffeine dehydrates you. Personally, I'd never use red bull.
I drink Diet Rockstars once in a while, as a treat. Latley though, I'm eating all the god damn treats that I want:(
are you drinking the diet version? doesnt the regular kind have alot of sugar in it?
the-spellr said:
Red bull is the worst.. It dries out your joints even

This is bullshit.

Don't say shit unless you know what you are talking about.
i do drink the sugar free version.
i also eat lots of raisins during the day but ive been told they are fattening.
Raisins are high in sugar which would cause insulin spikes which aren't all that great for you. It seems like my fruit intake has been cut down sooo much. I only eat fruit during lunch.
Other then the caffine the active ingrediant is Taurine, and your buy like a Kg of that for 30 dollars, so might aswell just go down that route IMO
actually i wouldn't doubt if red bull dries out your joints. i had a bad back injury once and the result was my lower spinal cord on the area it was hurting in had swelled up a little bit. the reason why? the doctor said all the energy drinks i was taken had worsened the injury because of the high caffiene content
why does it say on the can not to mix it with alcohol? Is it really that bad if I do, I usually have 2 redbull + vodka's whenever I'm out at a bar