Rear Naked Choke with body triangle / anaconda body lock

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Rebel_LioN, Apr 15, 2018.

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    So I was watching last weekend’s fights and I noticed two guys who used the body lock. Both Condit and Matthew Lopez tried to get the RNC.

    Both were way too high up on the body to get leverage to get the Choke, as opposed having hooks and being low enough to get it.

    These guys are pros and I couldn’t figure out why they kept expending so much energy trying to get it while being so high up.

    My question, how do you guys see the application of getting the Choke while having your legs locked around your opponent’s body? Isn’t it necessary to go with hooks to get the Choke?
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    Hooks are inferior to body locks in terms of control, why would you need hooks to finish the choke, the choke comes from the squeeze of the arms, hooks is just to mantain in control (albeit inferior to the bodylock). Hooks do give you more options to transitions to other attacks though.
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    I think there may be a false equivalence going on between the idea of being high up on the body and the body lock. It seems like being too high up was the issue more so than the body lock.

    The body lock has sort of become the standard when it comes to lower body control when you have someone's back now assuming that your legs are long enough. Most of the people using hooks from the back are people whose legs aren't long enough to body triangle.

    I'd say most rear naked chokes on the no-gi scene right now (especially in sub-only) are coming from people having the back with the body triangle.

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