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Masakatsu Funaki #1

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Jun 2, 2002
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(Thats a BS title BTW, I just wanted to get people to actually take note of my thread, and give some input and maybe throw some of your own vids on here for other people to look at.)

On Sunday I competed in my 2nd Submission Wrestling tournament. The results where definalty not up to my expectations though. I felt so horrid when I got on the mat. I am probably 70% wrestler and 30% Judoka, but both of those areas where lacking in a lot during this tournament. I didn't feel strong at all when I entered a clinch. My takedowns usually feel unstopable when I get a double elbow bind, and shot in for a double leg takedown, but I felt so unconfident and weak, that when I did attepmt to try it and couldn't generate enough explosive power to finish it.

My throws where no where to even be seen. I have loved every minute of learning and crafting my Judo throws, and have gotten them to convert to no-gi very nicely, but I just couldn't get anything going at this tournament.

I competed in the intermidate divison and got 2nd place out of 2 people, which is just hurtful to me. Although no one was scoring any points during the period, I felt the other guy would have won if the fight would have went to a decision. I just felt so dominated, even though I know I could have beaten this guy (and everyone else at this tournament!). The match ended up going into overtime, and I was winning the overtime until I gave my back and got RNC. I was even unconcious for a quick second... Here goes the match for you to witness yourself:
(I am the black guy)

First Period:


Oh! and although I hate excuses...one reason why my stances where so poor was due to those wrestling shoes. I haad just bought them and put them on the first time for that match, and they where stiff as ever. My footing felt horrible >_< (Got to work some sweat in those shoes before I sport them at tournaments!)

I had 2 other matches in the beginners divison also (I am making a transition between beginner and intermidate,this was my first try at intermidate, and I wanted to get as many matches in as possible, hence why I entered both divisions.) Funny thing is I almost got my tail chocked out again in my first beginners match (they ran intermidate matches first). The guy caught me with a triangle choke, and I promise you I saw my life flashing before my eyes. I could feel myself passing out, but I kept on telling myself not to tap, so I didn't, and ended up tapping him out with an ankle lock. Here goes that match to view:

First Period:

My last match, was probably my best. I still felt like a complete slob though, and knew right then and there that my slump from wrestling season was caring over. Another thing that sucked, was although this was my best match, for some odd reason my digi cam and camcorder didn't get the macth on vid, although we had both the stupid devices up and running! GAH! The match went to the ground qucik (I cant even remeber how we got there) and I tried putting on a double wrist lock, then switched it to an armbar, but the guy had pretty good postioning and got out of it, so I rolled to his legs and got him in a loose knee bar, then transitioned to an achilies tendon lock, which failed so I moved on to a ankle lock but gave my back in the process...and WHAM! I got hit with another RNC, and tapped.

I dont know, I just dont feel good about myself at all. Maybe it was a lack of preparation and lack of any kind of mental control. All I know is I dont ever want to lose again. My goals are exteremly high right now, and will only increase in 2006, and I have to make some changes, and I have to make them ASAP. This week I an starting eveyrhting over from scratch. I am changing up my weightlifting routine, my carido workout, the way I listen during class, the way I treat drilling and live grappling, my diet, everything!

I am posting this just so I can have something to look at later in the year to remind me where I need to be, if I go off stray mentally.

2006 is going to be mad fun. Cheers.
Don't get too bent out of shape, you probably just had a bad day of rolling.

The guy in the intermediate levels in the first clip kept doing the same thing. In the clinch, he'd pressure your head so when you popped your head up in resistance, he got you in a headlock. Each time from this position, he sat down into guard. Whenever he went in for the headlock however, his center of gravity rose and he would be easy to take down. I'm not a no gi or wrestling expert, but you might have had a few chances for a shoulder wheel or double leg. That armbar you had in overtime ALMOST got him!
You did a good job defending the submissions he tried on you. Which reminds me, can you slam people in this competition?
You also made a good reversal against the beginner when he attempted the triangle.

You were probably just nervous or anxious about the fight, and it took away your concentration.
dude I got butterflies just watching you compete....great wins, and I hope you learned something from the losses. (I'm sure you did) keep up the good work!!
Solid wrasslin skills. One word of an advice though, when in somebodies guard never have one arm in one arm out. That's why those guys kept getting triangles on you even when your posture was good.
your wrestling looked good man, don't worry about that.. you might have felt like you had a hard time b/c sub wrestling standup is different from straight wrestling imo b/c you don't always have an opponent who will come after you to get himself a takedown, and the guy in the intermediate match obviously didnt want to try to take you down.

if you want some constructive criticism, i'd say work on your guard passing a little more. it was a bit obvious that you were looking for leglocks from the open guard. also, you gave up position going for leg locks and gave your back in o.t. after the armbar...with the armbar you should go back to your guard instead of going to all 4's if you lose it, and good guard passing will open up the leg lock game more. and what bama zulu said about defending triangles too. ohhhh, and back mount escapes too...my favorite one and an easy one is to get yourself face up, then break his over-under grip and try to slip off to a side and put your back on the mat. look to get the guy in a half or full guard when he starts losing position and moves to try to mount you. hope that helps, and good job goin out there and competing btw.
In the OT match, you should have bucked him off your back. He didn't have both hooks set and you probably could have escaped.
Hey man, don't get bent out of shape on this. You did fine, especially since you were having an off day. I'm glad you're out there competing. I've seen you grapple before (you posted some vids of an earlier torunament, I think it was you, at least) and you did well. Good work.
You could have EASILY been foot locked in your first match when you went belly-down to defend the triangle choke. Be careful of that.
MF#1, you and I really should train together.

Same race, same religion, close to the same philosophy on wrestling, both catch-as-catch-can/folkstyle guys with a hint of judo...

I was gonna fight on Pure Force MMA on Jan. 6th, but I pulled out...I might sign up for Danger Zone's March card, since I train at Coldwater anyway and I think its free for me...I'm in Michigan....where you at? We both compete and we both wanna improve. We should form a catch-wrestling alliance bro.
BTW--one thing about wrestling backgrounds, is we can get spoiled as regards the guard. Usually, I can take people straight into side-mount with my shots...which of course, has the danger of leading to me undertraining my guard-passing ability.

BTW, your courage is incredible...not just in constantly competing and testing yourself...but in exposing the whole of yourself...wins and losses...to criticism. The mark of a true champion my friend.
Nice article Mas ... props for puttin it on the line once more!

"Head up, elbows in" ... later.

Kforcer: ... "same religion"?
Kforcer said:
MF#1, you and I really should train together.

Same race, same religion, close to the same philosophy on wrestling, both catch-as-catch-can/folkstyle guys with a hint of judo...

Sounds lik a pick up line...

Watch your cornhole MF!
LOL, MF#1 is my boy, that's all. Catch-as-catch-can'ers kick ass, biatches and we stick together! Anyway, we're both Christian, that's all I meant by that. Or at least, MF#1 was last time I checked.
lol, you guys are hilarous :p
(and BTW I am Christian, represent CACC to the fullest, although I did get my tail RNC by some BJJ guys >_<)
oh. He definitely is a good guy and a hella athlete. I saw him morote-gari a dude in a Judo tourney and ... well, let's just say he got a full point for that throw!

When I left they were still gettin that guy up off the mat.
Learn some passing the guard techiques because you lacked it. I think that was your biggest mistake (constantly going for sloppy leg locks). The first match the guy worked a lot more than you did, you looked inactive. Just posture up and practice your passing the guard techniques. I think you would've owned them once you got to sidemount.
I think for someone of your athleticism (Even a word?) and strength, you should practice the double underhand pass.
nice video man

some tips (saw just the 1 video)

-avoid being predicable

- looks that your where clearly not 100% in your mindset, you simply stayed in the 2th triangle

- just remember the arms must be or underhooked in the legs or overhooked or you will take a traingle

-wrestling is really your game, you had better wrstng skills, and the guy noted that so he went to koala mode

- leglocks are nice but maybe you should not depend too much on them (having a b plan after doing them would be nice)

-learn to take down quickly a guy who does the standing guilhotine, what i noted is that you were worried too much about the arm and you let him jump guard from there

- work on your guard, it will be great if you miss the leglock

- you have good athletic ability and speed

- it looks that it's very hard to take you down

-good balance too


i believe you lost more in your mentality than about your capacities what brazilians call "vacilo", don't worry, i am sure that this will be a good exp, and being uncouncious in tournaments is a very surrealistic experience, but is still funny

the good thing is that with the tape you can watch over and over your matches and become a better grappler from those, and then in the next tournaments you will throw the guys just like ragdolls