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May 28, 2008
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I'm fucking pissed. Started training a little over a year ago. Obviously had to deal with stuff like broken fingers and toes, hurting joints, muscles, etc. No big deal.

Well a while back I got a ringworm that kept me out of the gym for around two weeks. I was pretty sure who gave me the ringworm because he's been known by everyone for his uncleanliness and a history of skin conditions. I got back in the gym after the ringworm for 4 days before I was in the ER and on my stomach for a week while I had a staph infection. One of the worst experiences of my life which involved me missing work, paying doctor bills, and having to squeeze A CUP of puss and blood out of an open wound on my own back. Once again, everyone was pretty sure it was all coming from this guy.

So after that staph infection I decided to take a break. I took about 3-4 months off and was DYING to get back to training. Monday I started back and I rolled with that guy again. I figured it would be ok because no one else has been having problems since I left, plus he just got his blue a few weeks ago and i wanted to see how I did.

Well, AFTER we rolled for a while i noticed he had what looked like some large pimples on his upper arms. Looked like pimples, but I don't think they were. I just kinda thought, "I am never going to roll with that guy." Then this afternoon I look down at my forearm and there are a couple clumps of little red bumps, some of them have whiteheads on them.

WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THIS? Is this just some kind of irritation from friction or does this sound like something this fucker is giving me???

P.S. I just looked up pics of herpes zoster(shingles) and it looks freakily similiar.
Could be poison ivy/oak/sumac. If you have the time, go back and inquire about what the fuck he had on his arm without being confrontational. You dig?

Don't roll with him anymore. Tell the teachers before class not to ever pair you with him in any circumstance.

I have poison ivy (I hope) right now in some sensitive areas and idk where I got it from, I haven't trained in a while. IDK what it is so I'm scared too. :icon_neut
time to speak to your instructor

that guy should be suspended off the mats till hes clean, and given a talking to about personal hygiene and equipment care.
I live in the fucking desert. No poison ivy/oak anything like that. Even so I haven't been anywhere except for the gym(weight lifting gym), work, and home...besides of course the one day rolling with this dude.

J Storm: If by "sick" you mean infected with shit yes. The problem is that he doesn't seem to notice or care until someone else says something to him. He even had FUCKING STAPH! A huge fucking open green sore on his calf and he came in the gym and tried to train with us. I think he's just especially oblivious or something, so I wonder if he just thinks the shit on his arm is normal. I know as soon as I saw it it didn't look normal, but I was sitting there thinking that I didn't want to be a dick. Now I really wish I had have politely said "WTF is that?"

I'm hoping this won't be a big deal, but does anyone feel that if I do have some shit that I got from him, this would be the third time. It's costing me money, time, and the fact that I haven't been able to train. So at that point I think, "I won't ever train in the same gym as that guy." Or am I overreacting?
time to speak to your instructor

that guy should be suspended off the mats till hes clean, and given a talking to about personal hygiene and equipment care.

That's what I was thinking about...

I like the guy. Hell I even like to train with the guy, but people need to take care of their own shit. If we all did that there'd be a lot less to worry about

You need to speak with your instructor!

Tell your instructor about what is going on. If this person's hygiene is an issue (and it sounds like it is) than something needs to be done...and it is up to your instructor to do that...

And if your instructor will not do anything...

are there any other places that you can train?
I agree with others here. Speak to your instructor about this. There was an incident like this at our gym a few months ago. After it was reported, our instructor sent out a stern message about staying home if anyone has any type of contagious infection, skin or respiratory. No other incident has reoccured ever since.
Thank God I think I was overreacting like a woman. Last night I realized how sore said forearm was, and then I remembered holding the thai pads for a god long time. When I thought about it I realized how sweaty I was, how tight they were on my arms, and then fact that they looked dirty, and the instructor sure as hell didn't clean them after we used them. I'm pretty sure he doesn't do it often.

So I calmed down last night but I still had to sleep on the couch for my girlfriend's sake.lol. This morning it looks like it's about gone so I think it was just dirty and irritated from holding the pads.

I am going to talk to the instructor about the pads and shit being cleaner though. Maybe I'll offer to do some cleaning.