Randomly losing skills/techniques


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Feb 5, 2008
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I've been training in MT for quite a while and my main weapon is my right straight. I have fun throwing it all day and my intructors say that it's the only thing I do correctly. But earlier today, I just lost my technique and power in that right straight. I don't really have any injury but for some really wierd reason I just lost it. Even though I try to train some extra 2-3 rounds on heavybag just for the right straight I still lost it.

Any inputs about this, will I regain my technique in my right straight? :icon_conf
Maybe you need to relax by either slowing down or all together decreasing the amount of times you train in the MT. For just a short stint of time. I have definitely had off days in my training and my conditioning, I usually have to kick the pace down a bit and focus on remixing my routine a bit but unlike you have I never completely just lost a skill.
Exaggeration perhaps.
Maybe your brain is trying to tell you to learn other techniques because you can't do only one properly and survive longterm.
Thanks for all the replies. I think it's all because of the pressure. My trainer is really impressed with that right straight that he even wants me to fight on the last week of May. Everyone says that I have the sickest straight even though i'm quite new to MT.

I'll be training cardio this week instead of MT to take some time off MT and build a better cardio.

Any other opinions? Ideas?

Thanks again for all the replies.
If your opponent picks up on it he will circle to your left and pick away at you on the angle, you'll never even get that straight right off.
So what should I do once he circle on my left? Throw left hook?
So what should I do once he circle on my left? Throw left hook?

Kick him in the nuts. Then hit him with the right straight because he stopped moving. :icon_chee

If you keep 'Some' work on your straight but let it cool down a bit, you'll probably notice it comes back better than ever. Alot of times when muscle memory is being 'written' and coded for your brain, the attached shit goes kind of wonky on you. Ask most of the people who have hit that Plateau and they felt like they started to slide backwards. When they recovered from their slump and came back, they usually come back with a vengeance. There's "Something" that happened during their off-time that made them come back feeling like they were twice what they were before.