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Quick Fix


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Mar 29, 2008
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Anyone have a suggestion for a quick fix prior to training BJJ? (On normal or "calm" days I usually do pretty well diet wise)

For example, if I am stuck in meetings at work most of the day, have a quick sandwich for lunch, come home - have to eat fast (quick bowl of wholewheat pasta perhaps) because I have to coach a soccer practice for my daughters team, get home, have about an hour and then off to BJJ.

Is there something I can have with dinner or during that 1 hour gap that may help performance a bit.
The obvious answer would be something like a protein shake or bar.

But if you're looking for something pre-BJJ, you might want to look into a pre-workout drink more tailored to your exact needs/goals.

And there's no shortage of advice threads or opinions regarding pre- and post-workout nutrition for BJJ practitioners in this forum. So you've come to the right place.
nuts, shake, bar, semen... all have good protein...