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Apr 21, 2004
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Did Bruce Lee eat?!

dear god! i was looking at pics on the net and he seams rediculously small. Sure the guy was ripped but damn! did he wiegh over 120Lb?

yeah this is probably wasteland material, but i just don't remember bruce lee being that small.
if i ever get that small i'll eat Mc Donnalds for a month straight.
I thought he was along the lines of 170lbs or something when he died.

I remember because it shocked the hell outta me being as I'm only 10 lbs or so heavier
Well, according to a bruce documentary he lost weight at the end of his career due to working all the time and little sleep. So during enter the dragon, (the last year of his life) he was even thinner than he usually was. He looked a little bigger (though not any less ripped)
in earlier film as "way of the dragon". But still he wasn
Yeah Bruce was one of those teenie guys. But a lot of material I read about people who knew him, always had conversations with him over Dim Sum and stuff, so yeah he did eat.