Question about Xyience (XLR8 Xelerate)


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Jun 7, 2003
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Has anyone tried this product?

I play lots of basketball, and also do a lot of weight training. I want to get a football player's build similar to a running back like Tomlinson. I'm about 5'6, 145lbs with a pretty athletic/strong build. I just want to get ripped and a little bit bigger to about 155lbs.

Here's what the Xyience website said about this product (along with nutrition info):

"Whether you're trying to shed the pounds of fat, competing in an athletic competition, striving to get ripped for your next vacation, or somewhere in between... here is where you'll find the fastest path. Xelerate is a revolutionary super supplement that increases energy, enhances mental acuity, and suppresses appetitite. If you're ready to experience the vitality strength that accelerated results can bring, then it's time you discovered the cutting edge thermogenic supplement that's changing fat burning forever."

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
We need to sticky a Xyience thread, or something.

No, Bumpy, this product is a waste of money.
I have to warn you. If you want a football players build, jumping from 145 to 155 a whole 10 lbs!!!! That might make you look like bob Sapp dude!