Question about the new Nogi hoodies


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Jan 23, 2004
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Chris Brennan/Nogi Industries:

The new hoodies look great. I'm just curious about the difference between the lightweight and heavyweight materials. Are the lightweight hoodies about the same weight as the t-shirts?

Thank you for your time.
I was wondering the same thing.

Great fucking sig by the way.
w0w, nice hoodies. I would get 3 of them if you had bigger sizes!
Hey guys. The lightweights are just your typical lightweight sweatshirt material, whereas the heavys are thicker (and more comfy imo). We also will be putting up zipper lightweights within a couple of days.

Sorry Phenom..We can do special orders upon request...It just costs a lot to stock one more size of EVERYTHING...e-mail us, I'm sure something can be done just for you.

I bought one of your hoodies a while ago, it was a size medium and it was huge! Are these new hoodies the same size as your previous ones?
Butcher101 said:
in your face fatass.

LoL, the keyboard warrior has returned. It is not that I am fat, it is the fact an XL would go down to my belly button since I am very tall, douche bag. I will be sending that email asap, thx nogi!
Phenom the custom warrior. No other Super HW has as nice of a collection of fight gear. Your gonna be pimpin'.
:) Yay for me! I will probably get the Brown OE and Subzero for my BDay coming up courtesy of my girlfriend :) since she doesn't know what to get me usually :).
Are they sized really big? I was going to order an xl but if they're huge I may need a sizing chart. I'm 6' and 180 lbs. Any help Nogi?
I'm 5'11" 195 and wear an XL. I fit fine in the Large but am more comfortable in XL (It hangs mid-to-low pocket).

You'll be fine with XL. If not, we'll exchange it for free.
I'm in the same boat as Phenom so is there a larger size availible?
Hockeyfight said:
I'm in the same boat as Phenom so is there a larger size availible?

I e-mailed them and they said they would contact the manufacterer. I will PM you once I get prices and let you know what they quoted.
Thanks Phenom man its hard work to find us heavies and super heavies to find gear
Yeah, I would rather wear Fight clothing than Nike played out shit, but that isnt always an opton with some companies only going up to XL or XXL. Thats why I am trying to stock up on the nice winter hoodies and accessories while I can!