Question about RNC counters


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Apr 8, 2005
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I have a counter to a RNC that I've never seen done in MMA and I was curious if it was illegal in some way/stupid/etc because I believe they're pretty damn straightforward and effective but again, I've never seen it. This is only really effective for the standing RNC (i.e. opponent on your back with the hooks in while you're standing up--see Ficket v. Neer or Trigg v. Hughes). If caught in this position, my usual response is to just jump as high as possible and fall straight to my back, bringing all of my weight down in my opponent. This will usually at least disorient them enough to scramble out of the hold and will sometimes even knock the wind out of them, giving you a huge advantage for a few seconds.

Is this just some shitty backyard escape? Anyone else tried it?
Won't work in BJJ competition (see Garcia vs Ricco), but maybe in MMA. Thats if the guy doesn't pull you down- which he should. Actually going to the ground in RNC works out better for you anyways, since you can just turn on your side, get one leg or better, both legs out of the hooks, and flip over into half guard or side mount. Also if you're standing and hes just gotten the choke in- no hooks, you can toss that motherfucker right over you (which is the coolest choke counter ever devised IMO).
you can't get much height in a jump unless you're way bigger than them, and most times it won't hurt enough to get them to release the hold, unless you headspike them, which is illegal.
that seems like a wierd defense. can't he just take you to the ground the second you jump and then get you in a hold on the ground?
Seems to me that slamming the guy on his back sets you up for risk of a neck injury.
Hey, it sounds like it may work, but it also sounds like you risk injuring yourself especially your neck. It would be allowed in MMA. After you try it let me know how it worked. Keep comming with ideas, that is how we learn new techniques.
The most important thing to remember when defending the RNC is to RELAX.
Concentrate on your breathing, then on making space between your neck and their forearm. Once that is covered, try to prevent them from getting another arm in. Try to get one of their hooks out and turn to that side.
If the RNC is on properly, there is no counter. The counter is not to get in that positon in the first place.
LMAO at this. I had a friend who tried that on me once when talking about how he could break my submission.

He got choked the fuck out. If you have an RNC sunk tight on someone, it's not taking more then 3 or 4 seconds for them to start sleeping, and even if I didn't have it sunk, I'm not letting go because you slam me.
It is legal in MMA, but not sport BJJ or most sub grappling competitions.