Question about post counts


Is There No One Else?
Jun 5, 2007
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I was just wondering what the deal is with my post count. I've seen numerous times where I'll have for example, 140 posts and then I make 3 posts over a few minutes or so, only to see that after making the third post that I am at 141 instead of 143. Not that I care about trying to get my post count up or anything, I was just wondering what is going on with that. Are my posts getting deleted or something?
If threads are deleted by mods/admins, and you made posts in that thread, then your posts are deleted too. That's why your postcount sometimes goes down.
or if thread you posted in gets wastelanded then you lose those posts too

just look at my post count, i used to have 45,000 posts but when OT was moved, i lost over 35,000 of them
Oh, ok thanks for the answer. I didn't even realize that Wasteland posts don't count lol.