Question about gloves


Dec 1, 2007
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Im about to get some new gloves for both bag work and sparring and i was wondering what you guys recommend.
If you're using the same gloves for sparring and bag work, get 16oz.
If you're using the same gloves for sparring and bag work, get 16oz.

I agree. I mean 16 oz gloves do get heavy after awhile (I could definitely tell the difference when i bumped from as 12 to a 16 oz i'm 5'9 and weigh 197). But if you're gonna spar with your gloves...stick with a 16 ounce glove..for your training partners safety..
Yea im 6'2'' 215 and had been using an older pair of everlast 14 oz gloves but i'll step up to the 16s. What about for sparring where grappling is included any good recommendations?
best thing there is to get two pairs of gloves, if you are going to be strking and grappling use a good training glove with the 2" padding over the knuckles like the shooto gloves or any of the many mma training gloves.
Yea i'll probably try those for my grappling and mixed work. Nice to see no complaints about it hurting sparring partners. If they dont last long oh well, thinking about going with those and a pair of windy training gloves.
Unfortunately MMA training requires a lot of different styles of gloves. I would get a pair of 16 oz bag gloves and a pair of mma training gloves. I would get ones with more padding than the ones you linked too. Combat sports makes a few different pairs that would work well.