pwned today


Feb 12, 2005
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so it was my fourth week at bjj
ive had 18 months experience off and on of combat submission wrestling and 2 years of atemi ju jitsu as a kid
i suppose i can hold my own against other white belts
i was then put with another white belt and fuck did i get owned
he had about 20kg on me and he was just throwing me about with ease
i found out he has 16 years aikido experience
Ah, get used to it! Good for the ego.I
Really? Aikido? I wouldn't have thought it would have helped him too much on the mat. They do use a lot of joint locks innitiated from the takedown though, so I suppose they would have a fair grasp of body mechanics that could help them going into BJJ.
I did Aikido for a year before I got into MMA, BJJ and i thinks it has helped alot with the ground stuff.
yes they are, i used to watch an aikido class before i went to bjj, i liked one or two things i saw, lots of stuff i wasnt sure would really work in a real situation.
So - Did you learn Atemi ju jitsu form Soke-soto LOL ;-)
we have a black belt in akido at our school and he is a brown in BJJ. he is good on the mat. He also did 5 years vale tudo training.

He told me in akido alot of the set up for armlocks and chokes are similar .. said he wouldnt trade it for anything, and that it did help him alot... but also said Bjj is better on the ground. He got his brown in 4 years just because of prior knowledge.

He won gold medal at pan ams, all three years he competed. he won gold.
aikido is really eff when u take bjj from what i have been told; most people i have known who have taken aikido and now do bjj progress very quickly in regards to belts and being able to compete on the mat.

most of what i hear is the set up is the same; an that were aikido stops tech is wear bjj really develops, so aikido helpedthem dev a good foundation to start from giving them a headstart from people from other grappling arts that are the opp of bjj in regards to style and theory. Secondly isnt bjj at it's root comparable to bjj in it's theory of not meeting force w/force...using tech to def against a bigger opp and taking wht is given to u.