Purple Wrath or?


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Jan 31, 2008
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I was looking for supplements that are "natural" as much as they can be, Im 5'10 and 155. Im pretty much competiting every month in BJJ and im trying to stay at 155 so all I need is alittle extra energy, good muscle recup. I also thought I was going to take some Iso protein and maybe Creatine? I don't know what you guys think is the best products I should check out?

Workout program:

Monday : BJJ 6-7:30 MT 7:30-9
Tuesday : Weightlifting
Wednesday : (same as monday)
Thursday : Weightlifting 5:30-6:15 Kickboxing 6:30-7:30 Boxing 7:30-9:15
Friday: Weightlifting 5-5:50 BJJ 6-8:15
Saturday: Weightlifting 8-9:45 Sparring 10-12

Im going to try and add some weightlifting in my workout but it's pretty hard with work and school, but what natural and NON weightgaining products would you recommand me? Only Vitamins and Minerals?
You should read the FAQ's. Theres good info in there on what to eat and the basic supps you should take. As far as supps go, I take On Whey for protein (2 scoops)...Fish oils (7g)...Mega Greens (from GNC)...Vitamin C (I eat about 8 pills throughout the day)...L-Gluatmine....Green Tea pills.

Yeah, thanks. I'll probably just end up taking fish oils, vitamins, and protein, seems like the best option
Weightlifting 5:30-6:15 Kickboxing 6:30-7:30 Boxing 7:30-9:15
If your doing workout that last for 4 hours, a Per-workout drink would be a VERY GOOD IDEA.

Or move your weightlifting to the mornings would be an even better idea.
I am doing MMA, and I actually just ordered a tub of purple wraath, along with some fish oil, creatine, and a thermogenic fat burner. I have read great reviews of purple wraath and am looking forward to taking it.
Yeah, I'll try and find one that benefits me the most, but Ratt mind keeping me up-to-date on the outcome with the purple wrath?

Im going to try these out for a couple months;
Fish Oils
Iso Protein
Casein Protein (maybe not useful?)
Green tea Pills
And Glutamine or NO2?

If I don't see results i'll just stay on the protein and pre-workout supplement since all this is going to be costing a lot. ;)
I weigh the same as you and my training routine is somewhat similar.

When you state weightlifting, are you power lifting, or doing lower weight, high rep? I do the Bill Starr 5 X 5 Program for strength.

My supplementation is as follows:

ON Whey Protein
ON Casein Protein
GNC Mega Men Multi
Greens Plus
Fish Oil
CytoMax Herbal Boost
I do one month of power training and one month of high rep endurance/explosive. Nice Seems like everyone is using about the same sort of supplements, I geuss it's the winning formula, as long as im not bulking and or seeing side effects I'll go with this!
I do the same training and have been taking PW for a couple months now. Im not gonna tell you its amazing and my workouts are better because the reality is it would be a minimal increase if any, and you can't really tell.

It is, however, the same price of instantized BCAA powder and contains beta alanine and some extra amino acids in addition to a few grams of BCAAs. The only probelm is that they are ambiguous with actually how much of each amino acid or BA is in it.

Taste isn't bad, kinda like sugar free purple Gatorade, but it gets old pretty soon.

Either way, it's cheaper than buying BCAAs and BA, so may as well use it.