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Jun 30, 2005
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It all started when someone asked for a good looking rashguard here at Sherdog. I suggested a red Hot Blood rashguard but warned that they were hard to get. I also said I wanted one for myself...

Next day I had a mail from RONIN1 from Sherdog saying casca-grossa.com soon would have some of these bad ass rashguards in stock. When i placed my order the 2nd December it took like 70 minutes before the rashguard was shipped.

The people att www.casca-grossa.com did some superb efforts in helping me choose the right size, putting a rashguard at the side for me and helping me with other questions and stuff.

Yesterday I recived my rashguard and also got some patches and stuff along with my order. Simply pure class. I've heard alot of good about Casca Grossa here at Sherdog and I just want to say that they've showed nothing but great customer service!

Thanks alot!
Yea they guys there are cool. They seem to be out of stock of that rashguard, and yes it is totally bad ass. But being badass will not make you a sick fighter...Sadly.
With out a doubt. Casca Grossa is one of the best companies out there. Did you deal with Carol?
Nice looking rash guard. Wish they had it in XXL :)

I had a good experience with Casca Grossa in person, as well. At the Gracie tournment in Ohio a few months ago, the guy working the table was really cool, and helped me find some XXL stuff as well from their inventory.

IIRC, he said he understood the "plight of the bigger brothers', or something along those lines.
I have had nothing but awesome experiences with Casca-Grossa.com. Can't recommend them enough!
I was just about to start a thread on these guys to see how people have experienced them because I want to buy some stuff. Looks good so far.
Same experience. Looking for a couple of gi patches. The next thing I know there is a pm from Ronin1 saying casca-grossa.com will have them in a week. I checked back in a week and there they are. They shipped yesterday. That's how you get business and earn customer loyalty. It's the first place I will go from now on... oh yeah, and nogi too another business that does things right.
I have bought some stuff from Carol at casca grossa. Very fast shipping, great quality products.. would deffinetly buy again.
Again thnx for your patronage..................and HAPPY HOLIDAYS
Need the phone number to Casca-Grossa to place an order asap. Can any of you kind lads can help?
1(866) 56-CASCA

Voice Mail. I also have Carol's Phone Number some where on my cell, don't know if I could actually find it.
Jamison You can call me at 404-438-4095 that's my cell #. I am awnsering till about 03:00 AM


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Casca-Grossa has the best customer service in the buisness. Anyone who has not bought one of the fundraiser patches yet really should do so. Go to there site and click on patches.
Thnx Jamison, It was a pleasure speaking with you, and we appreciate your patronage........