Punishment Athletics Shorts?


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May 29, 2005
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I've been in a little bit of a debate lately. My dad's going to order me some shorts, any pair that I like. The two that I'm looking at is either some Sprawl's or one of the the Punishment Athletics. I havent heard anything about these shorts so I was just wondering if anyone has them and would recomend them. I do BJJ as of right now. I want to eventually get into my Instructors MMA class but he recomends I stay in the BJJ class until I turn 17(May). If you have any other good suggestions of fight shorts your opinions are all welcome.

I'll be ordering the shorts that I like most tomorrow afternoon after I come back from my class.

Order some XFGear shorts through SSFGear.com, they are super sexy and just pimped totally. Before you order from PA email them and ask to make sure the shorts you want are in stock. They are sorta like Fairtex in that they dont tell you if they are always in stock or not.
Yes, those shorts caught my eye when I was looking at the review. I love the customization on your shorts. I was thinking of getting a pair and hopefully have them put my school's logo on the back. It's a thought. How much more did it cost you to get the text on your shorts Phenom?
If I remember correctly only like 10 more dollars, not bad.
stu3ufc said:
don't get them they suck

To clear up I think he is talking about the PA shorts, NOT the XFGear as I have heard nothing but good about these and I own a nifty pair myself :D
I ordered the 2006 Flexfighter XT's in the Yellow Buentello colour.
Sprawls are good, but you would have liked the XFgear, UnderHook, or Nogi shorts I bet!
Possibly the tart like yellow colour of the sprawls?

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