Protein Shake Help

Jan 2, 2007
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K, so i've never taken a protein supplement till recently. At first I was buying them individually for before my BJJ class... but then i bought some powder.

I tried making a shake twice, and I can't even get it down it tastes so bad. It's vanilla flavoured, and at first I followed the instructions and had just mixed it with water... that was pretty bad. So i looked up a couple of reciepes to see what i could do.

I just tried milk, instant coffee, and ice in the blender thinking the coffe would overpowe the taste of the powder, but it was still discusting.

Im not a picky person or anything, And I can take a semi bad tasting drink and get it down... but this is beyond gross.

Any help

*edit* since i just saw the sticky on recipes i guess I'll try something else. But I do have a question I couldnt seem to fin in the faq.

When would be a better time to take the shake, before or after my class. In order to lose some fat but gain some muscle....?

Or what should I eat/take before, and what should I eat/take afterwards. Considering I want to burn as much fat as possible I dont want to take in too many calories, but I would like to put build muscle.
p.s. I want to try and keep the calories down
have one before and after. make it with WATER. also. it would be recommended to buy a chocolate flavored protein such as ON gold standard whey which tastes great or met-rx which is also good