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Discussion in 'The Lightweights' started by JustOnce, Aug 11, 2016.

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    People love to shit on CM Punk here and professional wrestlers for their lack of skills in real fighting. For one, what else do they expect from performers and entertainers? Shall we go on about other entertainers and performers, which includes ATHLETES whose income is derived from fans attending their matches and events, whether indirectly or directly. Why should we put one kind over the other based on the unpredictability of the outcome itself?

    It takes a lot of effort, dedication, sacrifice to be on top of a competitive field, be it hot dog eating contest, bobsleding, singing, dancing, soccer, MMA, and professional wrestling included.

    It has always rubbed me the wrong way, the sickening elitism of guys who practice BJJ as if it was some theory of relativity discovered by some Moses that was purely and solely accomplished by oneself, which it wasn't. The lineage goes up to Judo, then to Jujitsu, and then who knows where?

    When it comes to fighting that allows grappling, by an ample size of matches we are aware that it is much likely to go to the ground one way or another, if one or the other is not able to fend it off from going there. BJJ isn't some gift from God to the mankind through its prophet Gracie. It's the same shit as wrestling, Judo, etc, you use your limbs, timing, distance, and technique, leverage, power to achieve certain outcome.

    If you are in a fight and you ended up winning due to BJJ, how dare you take credit? You just happened to live in an economy and societal structure which allowed you to find an instructor who passed onto you its techniques in exchange for your money, which you earned or likely on Sherdog from your parents. Nothing more.

    Yes, CM Punk looks like a pig being led to a slaughterhouse, but very well fed financially for that.

    Stop fucking around and talk shit about prowrestlers like they fucked your ex. Maybe they did. But let go.

    And I don't even like professional wrestling.
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    Eating Cheetos
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    stars hollow
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    I think people hate stupid wrasslin fans more then actual wrestlers.

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