I was thinking of order these ringside heritage punch mitts from . Their shipping is 10 dollars vs ringside's 56 dollars so that is why I am interested in ordering from these guys.

FEdex is expensive compared to usps.

Has anyone from canada ordered from these guys?

Proboxing is a legitimate company, however, i've heard they have TERRIBLE customer service. Ask the guys at ringside if they can match the shipping
They are a "Real", but you're right about their customer service. I tried to return a pair of their gloves that I thought were cheap and they argued with me over the phone about it. They never emailed me that they received the gloves that I returned. They out-right refused to give me my money back. They are a shitty business. I won't even buy so much has hand-wraps from them.
The site is legit but their gear, part from the heavy bags, is crap. My trainer used to order and sell their gear in bulk but all too often the L/R gloves are totally different fits. Also, the padding will go flat faster than a Title or Ringside let alone one of the big three.

As goes service, it's a mixed bag. First time I went in their shop I swore I'd never return. But then I went to another of their stores and the employees were not only helpful but they gave me a 100 lb heavy bag for $70 when I was fully prepared to pay $120. It's holding up great and at the price no new bag comes close.
I actually went out of my way to go to their store in Pasadena, CA when I was in LA (when I didn't find out about G&E). Didn't have problems with their service, but picked up a facesaver and some bag gloves. The facesaver was crap and didn't work well so I ebayed it for half the price.
ddman, send me a pm and I can work out shipping costs for you whether Canada Post or Fedex. -John-
our gym has a lotta their stuff. one of their bags, some of their gloves and shin pads

i have a pair of their handwraps from my girl when she used to take classes...they are my favorite wraps....but that's all i use of theirs.

their gloves make my twins gloves feel like bricks though
A buddy of mine bought a pair of thier gloves when he first started out and said they were basically pieces of crap. Customer service wise.....he said no problems. I did hear that thier heavy bags are pretty decent.