Problems while using firefox


Sep 12, 2007
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After some time of browsing sherdog with firefox I no longer can connect to it, but I still can with internet explorer. I have to wait for a certain amount of time (sometimes more than a day) until I can connect normally again using firefox. When this "block" happens I can still connect with firefox if I use a proxy. I can't figure out what could be triggering it seemingly happens at random times. It's the same on my other computer in the house which connects through the same rooter. Anybody know what could be causing the problem?
Firefox is well known for having a buggy java s c r i p t engine. It could be something to do with that, in conjunction with the different ads on the Sherdog forums which are trying to display themselves in your browser.

You could try upgrading Firefox to the latest version and using the Adblock add-on. You can get Adblock here:

Or, if you switch to using Opera instead of Firefox, you may be able to browse the forums straight away with no problems at all. I have had numerous problems browsing the forums with both IE and Firefox, but I've never had a single problem when using Opera. Try it, it's free.
Having the same problem. Adblock temporarily fixed it, but still happens now. I have to restart firefox to get Sherdog to load once it stops functioning.