problem landing puches (not much reach)


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Aug 15, 2005
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my weakest thing is standup boxing. not kicking or anythin just punching only . my coach is teaching me and im getting better but the problem is i am only 140lbs and like 5'6" tall. so most ppl i train with and fight are taller and have more reach. but normally i dont care cause i will kick them and then punch after. but since my weakest technique is plain boxing skill my coach has me mainly workin on that . fighting him and others with only hands. i can hit pretty fast and hard but almost everytime i try to box my coach i cant land a solid hit. part of it is that he is a trained fighter for a long time but i am not too bad myself and i should be able to hit him at least a few good shots. he is like 240lbs and a lil taller than me. i def am faster but everything i throw he basically blocks. he tells me to go inside and try to hit it but every time i do i just end up hitting his gloves which he blocks me with. i can land good hits on other ppl who arent as skilled but what can i do to try to box taller guys with just hands. no kicks or grappling. if i try to really reach up i get off balance sometimes too.
Use the search function, there are threads about fighting taller opponents. There are also links to them in the FAQ of this subforum.
Slip punches. Try counter punching - there is always an opening.
Agression, get past the jab, body body body.. and body.. In infighting there reach is gone and you should be able to punch more efectively. Of course this basicly goes for boxing, when you go back to Thai im guessing they will clinch and knee you into oblivion. But hey perhaps it can save you when sparing straight boxing.. I know it saves me...;)
ya . i can easily hit them with body shots which i normally try but i gotta get some in the face thats my goal. if im allowed to kick its all good but if its just boxing then its hard to land good ones.
you need to work hard your balance and foot work closing the distance land a couple of shots then get back out moving around not just forward and back it's all in the timing
use wht u can, if u can land body shots then unload on the body; if u land enough and have eff enough tech u will bring ur opponents hands down, which in turn opens him up for the headshots.

the thing is u also need to mix shots, throw shots to the body and to the head; do it in combination, alot of boxers will start off a 5 punch combo 2 to the body 2 to the head and finish w/one to the body is an example.

another thing is when ur opp is jabbing from the outside, jab w/him; it will throw off his rhythm and make him more def, this will allow u to get in cus he is hesitant to get off.

one more thing when he punches..punch w/him; the most vulnerable an opp will ever be is when they are attacking. Punch w/him, he can't eff attack and block; u will prob take shots; but u will have the best chance to land urs.

all the other stuff footwork..etc people mentioned
you should watch mike tyson and joe frazier's fights and try to copy their style.. do a lot of blocking and head movement as you move in, once you're in try ducking and coming back up with hooks. im not saying it will work, just try it. when you throw straight punches always move your head because if you can reach, they can too

don't overuse the body shots. i only throw body shots when they don't expect them. because they leave you open
watch some mike tyson videos. they come in handy believe me i tried them.
read the FAQ or better yet, consult with your trainer.
mikem20 said:
ya . i can easily hit them with body shots which i normally try but i gotta get some in the face thats my goal. if im allowed to kick its all good but if its just boxing then its hard to land good ones.

So, get in on the body, land some solid shots, and when they try to back up, BANG! Uppercut to the chin. There's your face shot.

I know how you feel. I have the same basic problem in my class. I have a couple giants, and if I can kick, I can hold my own, but as soon as I hear, "Alright, just hands" I'm like CRAP! I've been steadily getting better, learning to get inside, counter-punch and slip their punches. It just takes time. It can just be frustrating against seasoned fighters, because they've seen it all, it seems.
Oh yeah, and talk to your instructor and senior students. They can help you best, because they've seen you fight and can help you with exactly what you need.

One last thing. Work the angles. Especially when your opponent tries a flurry. Try to move to an angle rather than letting yourself get pushed straight back.