Prizefighter: Welterweights III, January 19th Wealth TV


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Oct 12, 2009
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Sam Eggington SC TBA 3x3

Chad Gaynor SC TBA 3x3

Dale Evans SC TBA 3x3

Glenn Foot SC TBA 3x3

Rob Hunt SC TBA 3x3

Steven Pearce SC TBA 3x3

Mark Thompson SC TBA 3x3

Calum Cooper SC TBA 3x3

BW- Khalid Yafai SC TBA

12 PST/1 MST/2 CST/3 EST, Trigger will not be appearing.
It's also on this thing called sky sports.
personally I'm looking forward to seeing glenn foot, he's from up my way and meant to be a real hard case.

funny fact for any of you who have seen the rihanna music video: we found love in a hopeless place, the lad rolling about with her in it is called dudley o'seanessy. He was a really good boxer but became a model, beat glenn foot in the aba final, n went to audition for the part as an extra in the rihanna video but she saw him, told them to cancel the guy they were flying in from america and said she wanted him in the part, he got 50 grand for that and shagged the fuck out of rihanna for a few weeks lol
legend story about rhianna.... anyways... my best bud calum cooper is fighting in this, great speed and workrate, me and all my pals going to Wolverhampton to watch live :) cant wait
Another reason I have heard as to why Dudley went full time with his modelling is because he didn't get on the GB Team.
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Welterweight World title challenger Kell Brook performed the draw for the Betfair Prizefighter Welterweights III at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton on Saturday January 19, with Mark Thompson and Rob Hunt kicking off the action live on Sky Sports.

The Special One challenges Devon Alexander for the IBF crown in Detroit on February 23 and took time out of his training to decide the fate of the eight contenders in the 28th edition of Matchroom Sport
Another reason I have heard as to why Dudley went full time with his modelling is because he didn't get on the GB Team.

yeah, I heard that as well. He won the aba's and then after that GB basically said that everyone had already been signed up and there was no place for him so he went into modeling. That lead to meeting Rihana etc. duno how really as he looks a bit of an ugly fucker imo (no homo)
Try reading the first post, and not just the thread title.

Well it doesn't say the GMT time in the original post and since this is a fight in that area which will be mostly watched by people in that area (like me) not unfair to ask for the GMT start.

Why have an attitude about it?
Domestic contenders Mark Thompson and Rob Hunt about to match up. Despite his pretty record Hunt has barely faced a single boxer with a winning record and struggles to crack an egg. Thompson (an early favourite for the tournament) should win.
Thompson hunts down Hunt for virtually the entire round, getting through with some decent shots. Hunt's reduced to moving, the odd speculative jab and holding on.

10-9 Thompson
Same again in the second.

Both of their heads keep coming together which eventually leads to a cut stoppage against Hunt in the third. With Thompson two rounds up he should have the easy win.

The worrying part for Thompson is that he's cut himself... not as badly but still a worry.