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Private Lesson with Mario Reis


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Jul 6, 2005
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I've been lucky enough to get an hour private lesson with Mario Reis next week. I'm a white belt who's been training for about 6 months, but unfortunately only once a week. I do have a little experience before then from Japanese JuJitsu.

What can I expect from a private session from a BBJ guy like Mario. What should I concentrate on with reguards to picking up as much as possible. I'll also be going to his 2 hr class a couple of days after, but that will be packed out.

Just want to make the most of the experience.
focus on guard passes in my opinion, you have to be able to pass the guard to win.
especially for a noob.
concentrate on the details.
passes and sweeps. Learn some tricks sweeps and catch everyone with em the next day.
Had the lesson with Mario. Worked on Side control. My instructor was my training partner, so he knew what would be good for me to learn! Was shown 5 different side controls and a different submission from each one. None that I'd see before. Also a cool little move to counter someone trying to escape side, which puts you back in side, but on the other side.

Good lesson, just need to remember what I've been taught and try and practice it when sparring!

Side controls:

1. Holding shoulder & leg, flat out. Submission via arm bar
2. Holding neck & arm sitting (judo pin). Submission via arm bar
3. Clinching on knees. Submission via lapel choke
4. Holding belt & leg, facing away. Submission via Kumura
5. North South. Submission via collar choke

Then I got the chance to roll with Mario Reis! I'm a white belt with about six months of training once a week! He's a black belt world champion! You can guess what happened. He gave me his back at one point! Both hooks in! I tapped 5 seconds later! I also got tapped three times via his favourite move at the moment. An arm-bar straight off an elevator sweep! Sweet!

Got an open session for 2hrs with him on Wednesday! Should be good! Just hope he doesn't teach the stuff he taught me in his private! I was at Mark Liamon's Gym in Las Vegas and Ricco Rodriguez was getting a private teaching RNC. Next day we did the same thing in the lesson! And Ricco was there!
I would have done closed guard stuff with Mario Reis.
forgot to mention Jean Silva turned up at the end of my lesson!

Did a class with Mario last night. Unfortunately he showed quite a lot of the stuff I did in my private lesson. Good to practice it some more, but makes the private lesson a little less worth it. Shame really, would have liked to seen some different stuff from him.