Predictions on Art's upcoming fight


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Apr 8, 2002
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1. What kind of zoot suit will Art be wearing with his entry??

2. What will be the result of his fight??

My predictions:

1. A red pimpalicious suit with matching hat, shoes and blingbling.

2. A win by TKO. Go kick Kenney's arse!!!!
You are so off Ralphage. Get a clue!

It has already been confirmed in an archived thread that Art will wear his Aztec War God costume to the fight.


Also Art has assured me that he will attempt to end the fight using the Dim Mak.

You heard it here first folks.
You guys are both wrong. This fight is under Liberace rules.

All contestants must dress like Liberace.

The contestant that can sing and dance and play the piano the best is deemed the winner.

This fight is right up Art's alley. Go get em, big boy!
My predictions:

1. He will be wearing this zoot suit:

2. Of course, Art will win by an impressive KO.
I still think it will be a RED zoot suit


.....or at least some sort of RED suit.




BTW: if I'm right then Kenney is the guy with the black gloves:


Doesn't seem to be a very big man........ You can take him Pachuco!!! Put his name in your victorylist!!!
DAMN!!! I just checked out some KOTC pics and they sure have some quality pieces of ass over there......






I know most of you guys are gay, but I liked these pics.
You guys are all wrong. It isn't a Zoot suit this time. He needs something for the match.


That is from his masters personal collection.

And he will win the match using the "Art Santore Annoyance Of Doom" technique. Basicly that means when he is fighting tony, he will be bringing up how he rules the world and how he's tony's pimp and how he goes to church and how he got demoted from his computer job at work. And everytime Art gets mad in the match he doesn't swear but goes "Feck you you shait head." He will bore him into unconsisness. Basicly all the bullcrap he does here.

Actually I want him to win by "K.O via the Conrad"
that is one sexy team. good thing this isn't a buauty contest or BTT would not be on top anymore. Though Mario Sperry does have nice wavy hair.
After you kick ass in KOTC and reign supreme with your JIM PAN DO training, you can move on to Hollywood and make a name there.

I can just see it now...

Hey, thanks loosers for posting al those picts of the ring girls for my hubby. Just Kidding! He knows he has got it good at home!!!Art will love the zoot suit team. He will get such a kick from all that.That is too funny! I will show Art when he comes home after I edit the girls out. Just kidding!
I can see why your residence is Brooklyn Zoo!!!!
You do not have a girl do you?
I have heard a rumour that Art will finish his fight with a secret hold called the Flying Arse Bar.
Hey Art came in and said , Screw all of you you are using my own words against me. Art laughed and loved all the photos.
Art is a world renowned finger painter.
Hehehehe.... he sure is.

And fighter's wife: I'm sorry about the pics of the KOTC girls.

Not to be read be Fighter's wife:
I know you like them Art. Tell the girls I said hi.
No. Tell the girls I said Hi.

And Art only likes pictures because he cant read.