Prediction game for all Sherdoggers.


Jul 21, 2005
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the forum offers members to play a prediction game before main events (UFC, K-1, Pride).

1 point for winner, 1 point for round and 1 point for method of victory, obviously decsision being automaticly the last rnd of the fight.

The way they work out the winner is by viewing each indavidual predictions but with Sherdog that would be way too time consuming, so I would suggest pre typed form where the member would jsut have to tick which fighter, which method and what round and tally the scores up automaticly. If it comes to a tie situation, give it to whoever got their predictions in 1st. And the winner may be allowed an official Sherdog title on their sig. At bloodyknux forum they give pictures in the winners sig's but I dont think this forum supports that so thats not possible I dont think.

Would be cool for Sherdog to do the same but what with all the moderation and work the administrators/mods already do it may not be possible, I wanted to suggest it tho.