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  1. I'd really appreciate everone's help. I have my first fight this Friday(amateur boxing, 3 two minute rounds). How should I eat leading up until the fight?? The weigh in is Wed and I'm fine as far as my weight. What type of foods should I eat and when. Is there anything I should really avoid? Thanks in advance.
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    Don't eat anything heavy before the fight, no meats, they take too long to digest and make you sluggish. Stick to complex carbohydrates. Spaghetti or a baked potato (skin on) with a LITTLE butter. These are slow burners and will keep you fueled. Eat about an hour to an hour and a half before the match so you'll have plenty of time to digest. Make sure you're hydrated and I don't mean slamming a gallon of water two minutes prior. Drink water and only water the day prior and the day of, but don't drink so much that you're sloshing around. The water is absorbed faster if it's room temp. Before wrestling matches I used to suck on a bottle of Honey. It's good for a quick boost. I recommend a banana with your breakfast the morning before the fight and, STAY hydrated. Potassium and hydration = no cramping. Good luck!
  3. Thanks a lot.
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    This is good advice, but you MUST extend this diet to 3-4 days before the fight; primarily the energy you will use will be stored from food consumed starting 36-72 hours before the fight. As a swimmer, I always knew this, but I'll see if I can scientific information explaining this (if someone doesn't post it first) from my little brother. He was reading about this in his nutrition textbook last month.

    It's all about the carbo-load.

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