Pre Fight plans


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Sep 20, 2004
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Ok I have to cut some water (about 4-6lbs) before my fight. Weigh-ins are around noon, fihts start @ 7:30.

My plan is to rehydrate w/some pedialite and water, 3 to 1 ratio. Then go grab some food, thinking chicken and brown rice. Then around 5:30ish grabbing some eggs and brown rice maybe an apple or pear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
No one has an oppinion on Sherdog? I was expecting at least one guy to say "SEARCH FUNCTION" or Rickson by arm bar. Does anyone have experience with Pedia Light? Never really tried it. My coach and a couple of nurses said it would be ok, any thoughts would be appreciated.
Dude, I don't think having eggs before your fight is a very good idea. Infact I think it is a bad idea..
Isn't Pedialite just water and electrolytes? Shouldn't be a problem. If it helps, my 3 month old son didn't like it. Seriously though, I agree about not eating eggs (or any slow digesting food) for at least 3 hours prior fighting. I would eat a lunch, then some fruit later by itself and/or some oatmeal, and nothing for 2-3 hours prior. Also, If you need a little more energy, you can sip some sports drink, I like Cytomax or EnduroxR4. Just my .02. Good luck with your fight.
ditch the eggs i used pedealite to rehydrate before my last fight and it worked great as far as food i eat a bowl of oatmeal with a jar of banna baby food mixed in for a mix of slow and fast acting carbs