post pics/video of your favorite throw/takedown


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Apr 13, 2004
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its about time for a quality thread in the grappling forum. so post pictures, video, or a link to your favorite throw.

the fireman's carry:

click "view complete move" to see it as a video.

good for gi and no gi. with gi i like get a back-of-the-collar grip instead of controling the arm at the elbow.

now stop being lazy and post something!
i learned that throw yesterday in judo

It;s pretty damn cool
get to freakin posting vids and pics, this could be a good thread
as for mma and just pure coolness nothing beats a harai goshi
I hope this works, and is big enough to show up. This is a pic of me throwing a guy with a front headlock, I love it. I'm the guy in red.
i want the firemans carry with the gi dammit,
someone post it
Fireman is one of thsoe throws that is the same with or without the gi.
Single Leg

Sweeping Hip throw

there has to be a better pic of a single leg somewhere on the internet
russian drag:

for those of you not in the know on wrestling lingo, the russian is just the funky "grip" he's using (opposite side hand controls the wrist, and dig the crook of your same side arm under his armpit). this is a bit of a speed/strength/timing move. not much finesse, but beautiful nonetheless.

front headlock fireman's variation:

^^^this one is a good counter-attack off the sprawl
rory_44, that is a sick throw!!! is there a name for it?
its just called a front head lock, or a front head and arm. It comes from a snap down, or a sprawl. Glad you liked it.
yeah, i know its a front headlock, i just havent seen someone throw like that from there
are you a collegiate wrestler? If so, this move wouldn't be that effective, because its tough to hold the person exposed from the finishing position. I'm a freestyle wrestler, so its perfect for me.