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Bobby Jacobsen

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Jun 1, 2004
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First of all I want to say that the service from Budovideos.com was a tad lacking with this order. This was a preorder item and I got an email saying my order was placed successfully and that shipping email would follow when it shipped. I had no idea how long it would be, fortunately a month and half later I got the email then a few days later I had the dvd in my hot little hand. I was not that upset but since I am doing a review I figured I would nit pick a little. It won't be an issue now since it is in stock.

Overall the video is great, once you get used to the accent. He sounds like Renzo a liitle with a bit of something else. After watching Mario Sperry tapes for years it is easy for me to get used to an accent. His English is great and there are no issues there.

On a technical level this dvd is up there with the best. Long gone are the days of an instructional with just random techniques in no particular order. As the title suggests this dvd is all about the brabo (darce or whatever you want to call it). This dvd covers all aspects of the choke; how to counter it, how to set it up as well as just the basic mechanics of it.

First it covers how to get the choke from the sprawl position. The attention to detail is great, he shows many angles and thoroughly explains common mistakes. He goes into how to secure the choke when you don't initially get it. He then goes into how to go from the anaconda into the brabo (which by my estimation is 10x more likely to finish).

The next chapter is how to get it from side control. Both this chapter and the one after (brabo from half guard top) have the same attention to detail as the sprawl chapter.

The last chapter covers a few tricks (such as getting it from bottom of cross mount and going from omaplata into brabo) and more troubleshooting.

This dvd is great. If you have good basic jiujitsu skills adding this can add a whole new element to your game. In fact with just basics and drilling the techniques on this video you can base a whole strategy around the brabo.

If Mastering the Rubber Guard is a perfect ten (personally I say it's a 12) then this video is easily a 9.5.
I just saw this video today and was thinking about getting it. Glad to know he gives technical info on how to finish it. Thanks for the review.
Thank you very much.

I appreciate your review and I
Thank you for a great video. Your attention to detail was excellent.

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my review.