Popping sounds



Hey guys,

Have an injury related question; i was rolling after class on thursday and i got caught in an armbar that the guy rolled to his stomach, when he did that the weight that got thrown on it made it pop audibly ( like 3 pops) as soon as that happened my buddy let go of it instantly and was spamming sorries. i felt bad for him lol cause it wasnt his fault. but here i am a few days later after non stop icing and the range of motion is still bad. i can't fully extend it or contract it but it doesnt hurt hanging out in the middle range, only when moved to an outer limit. i am gonna go for physio monday morning. what i am wondering is if anyone has experience with this kind of injury and expected healing time. i am bummed as hell at anytime i miss training.

First off, don't feel bad for your buddy. He should be using caution with the belly down armbars with his friends and training partners. These can be nasty because all of your weight is pushing as well as the force normally used.

You did some damage to your elbow. Popping generally means things broke. Good that you are icing and going to get it checked out. My guess is it will be sore for a few weeks.