Places to train in Germany while visiting?


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Mar 11, 2007
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Going to be tdy to Ramstein for about a month and would like to get some training in and see what it's like over there. Anyone know of a place or two near there?
bump. just packed my gi, was the first thing to go in so suggestions are welcome :)
Just google the city. A lot of places here just have a class in a fitness studio somewhere with a purple belt level guy that teaches three times a week. You can probably find a place like that in every major city.

Also... luta livre is big(er) in germany. You may just end up having to do that (as I did) to pass the time during your stay. It's like sloppy no gi jiu jitsu with more leg locks.

As the poster above me said.. when you get into the LARGE cities, you'll find an alliance or gracie barra gym (Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Berlin etc.)

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