Pimp suits in MMA


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I bought a grappler mag the other day, very rare in the UK, and saw my first glimpse of Art. What was he thinking wearing that pimp suit?

Art do you always dress like that or just when you are keeping an eye on your girls of the night?

I thought Art was the pimp daddy on anti but he should be dethrowned as Treelo seems to be flooding his patch lately.
your not from round here are you!!!! we dont like strangers!!!
You have shit in your pants and a flaky scalp, are u sure your not a fucking bum looking for somewhere to kip overnight?

Get the fuck outta my patch bitch!
And I'm guessing your arent and thats why your post was so unfunny. Have a nice time, shouldn't you be out selling your ass for money this time of night?
We shall now call you:

god damn!!, i did get owned didnt i!!

But i was far too tired to think of a good comeback.
I am hunting for that Santore guy that "SUPPOSEDLY" owns this board. Anyone seen him?

He must be out pimping, haven't seen him around. Maybe that suit got him banged up. I'm sure the drum oiler has spent many nights in a cell with strange men only he does it by request.
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I am hunting for that Santore guy that "SUPPOSEDLY" owns this board. Anyone seen him?

He is actually on a photo shoot for the magazine "Pimpers Monthly". He sent me these snaps.

SHIIAAAT!!! I have a purple and white outfit, but I haven't got a red one yet!!! I'm off.

Art is getting owned and he isnt even here