Pierre, Jones, Silva.

Silva, Jones hasn't shown as much proof as anderson yet.

He wasn't even a contender yet when anderson had been the champ for a while.
none of them would enter one in the first place.

But it would be Jones due to size.
JBJ would just go heavyweight and pwn them all.
Cain would more than likely win it.

Out of the three you mentioned, the answer is Jones.
Jones and Anderson could win a openweight...GSP has near to no chance due to his wrestling being ineffective against a guy like Cain or Junior
GSP via workhorse

Of the three options - JBJ. It's open weight. GSP would be dominated due to size. I'd almost have Bones beating Cain right now even at a size disadvantage.

Anderson is a tough call though and can pull anything out, but tournaments style would probably see him bow out to a heavyweight wrestler via no damage lay n pray.
he's struggle way to much with the HW wrestlers in an open weight gp...

He would struggle even with the big MW wreslters already...LHW and HW wrestlers would rag doll him (not fighter bashing, just GSP size is way too small for open weight GP).
cain is the baddest man on the planet so ill go with CAIN

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