[PIC] JDS and Boetsch together at the hospital


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Jul 24, 2010
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didn't see it posted anywhere yet.

JDS didn't break anything, on the article he says he should have used more his jitz, and that he was too focused on defending cain's TDs.

Cant wait for the 3rd fight in a year or so :)
Holy shit. JDS looks like he got locked in a room with a swarm of bees that were angry at his face.
War jds!!!

He will come back better , for sure!

War boetsch too!!
They both seem like genuine nice guys. Feel a bit bad for them.
Holy shit JDS might be the most durable fighter on the planet. He was getting his ass kicked so bad I'm shocked he made it past the 2nd round. Love JDS he will be back!
God damn, he's hardly even recognizable!
After he gassed in the 1st I thought there was no way he would make it to a decision.

The dude has insane heart and an insane chin.
Holy shit. He got fucked up. Too bad it happened to such a nice person.
They both seem like genuine nice guys. Feel a bit bad for them.

Agreed. On the article it says that JDS was really friendly to the hospital staff and was even making fun of himself when checking the pictures.

I love JDS but cain was the better man tonight. Hope he comes back stronger.
it looks like he got murdered in the face with a ...... cain velasquez