Phsycing Myself Out



Hey guys,

I have my first wrestling tournament coming up on saturday. I'm technically sound and I've managed to dominate the guys in my weight class using "retard" strength. The only thing I don't have is mental strength. I need some advice on how to build up on mental confidence. I already have a few things going, but I feel that sherdoggers can help me on this. Like what are some thing you invision before a match?

Especially since 45% of us have competed, and probably 70% of us practice in some form of martial art.

I am going to wear a cup and talk to my opponents before I wrestle to build up my confidence. I've also dropped down from 155 to 148 within the past week for the 145 class, so hopefully wrestling smaller guys will boost up my confidence. I know that 90% of a fight is mental (ya, I've done BJJ and KickBoxing non-competitively) but I havent gotten to the level where I feel comfortable competing. I'm going to go through my old Blackbelt/Grappling mags to read up on confidence/mental toughness.
Buddy, I know what you mean. Sometimes I psych myself out. It is just something you have to deal with. Just note that you won't be wrestling smaller guys; because, everyone else is probably cutting weight too - some a lot more than you!
Haha, forgot about that, oh well...atleast I'll be wrestling guys on my level.
doesnt fedor say that he washes himself of all emotions before he fights. You should see some of Alex's fights, he looks like hes have asleep.
I visualize all of the possible things that could happen and what my reaction would be. I'm constantly doing this so that when I actually see it I am better prepared.
To psyche myself up for comps I try to make myself angry. I think of stuff that pisses me off and remind myself that I'm no-one's bitch. Then I make my "tiger face" several times. Grrrr!!!!
stealthkiller said:
doesnt fedor say that he washes himself of all emotions before he fights. You should see some of Alex's fights, he looks like hes have asleep.

lol, Aleks is hilarious. He just kind of shrugs and is like whatever.
i usually just go out there and say to myself "this guy is the best.... and to be the best i gotta beat the best WOOOOOOOOO" lol j/k i usually just listen to some slipknot and that pumps me up. I hate when people try to talk to me while im rocking out
be ready mentally by visualisation and get some nice breathing goin. then slap ur self and jump around and get angry at the other fellow and go out and proceed to pin his ass.
Just let the match unfold in your mind, think of a move you opponent might do and the counter you would do to that move, I have won judo tourneys that same way, fight your game.
Just don't be that person who gets all pumped up and excited for an hour before the match just to submit in the first minute to a flying armbar. Yes, I've seen that happen to people.... (but not to me.) Take about embarassment!
i reccomend the Prodigy and fear factory, I find music puts me in a state of mind where I'm no longer nervous and helps me to shut down the "upper" bit of my brain, my body knows what its up to and has my fight plan memorised, if I can shut down the nagging higher thought processes then i will generally take my opponents to pieces.

Just be careful about shutting down like this in practice as I found doing this made me hit or apply techniques the way I would in a fight rather than doing everything light and friendly. As a result I put a few guys on the floor in MT and knocked the wind out of a few grappling partners.