PFL Season 2 roster completely announced

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by TheBrownRanger, Apr 1, 2019.

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    The final selection has been made. Not really a fan of this year's roster, to be honest, doesn't look much better than 2018. I don't really watch anything outside of UFC/Bellator/PFL/RIZIN/ONE so I hope I get introduced to some new exciting fighters.

    Philipe Lins
    Alex Nicholson
    Jared Rosholt
    Kevin Tiller
    Mo Deresse
    Denis Goltsov
    Ante Delija
    Ben Edwards
    Francimar Barroso
    Satoshi Ishii
    Ali Isaev
    *Valdrin Istrefi (Name was blurred in video but I easily made it out, lmao)

    Vinny Magalhaes
    Smealinho Rama
    Bozigit Ataev
    Dan Spohn
    Max Grishin
    Jordan Johnson
    Viktor Nemkov
    Rashid Yusupov
    Ronny Markes
    Jorge Gonzalez
    Sigi Pesaleli
    Mikhail Mokhnatkin

    Magomed Magomedkerimov
    Ray Cooper
    Louis Taylor
    Bojan Velickovic
    Handesson Ferreira
    Sadibou Sy
    John Howard
    David Michaud
    Zane Kamaka
    Chris Curtis
    Glaciao Franca

    Natan Schulte
    Rashid Magomedov
    Chris Wade
    Ramsey Nijem
    Bao Yincang
    Loik Radzhabov
    Nate Andrews
    Ronys Torres
    Akhmed Aliev
    Carlos Eduardo Silva
    Ylies Djiroun
    Some other blurred name I couldn't identify

    Lance Palmer
    Andre Harrison
    Alexandre Almeida
    Steven Siler
    Alexandre Bezerra
    Luis Rafael Laurentino
    Alex Gilpin
    Jeremy Kennedy
    Freddy Assuncao (Blurred)
    Damon Jackson (Blurred)
    Another blurred name I couldn't identify
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