Petition to have new ad bar switched to other side


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Apr 10, 2005
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I realize this new ad bar on the screen is possibly a must have for money reasons. It will be annoying either way, but on the other side of the screen, Much less annoying. Please post here and mods will possibly notice.
How about removing them all together :icon_cry2
Strict Nine said:
How about removing them all together :icon_cry2

would be great, but its probably a matter of money.
we got moved, o well, guess we got noticed
how bout at the top so the posts go back to normal size
I think it would be easier to deal with on the right. So you got my vote.
Since it isn't going to go away. I would much rather have it on the right.
This seriously sux.
I have to scroll right every time I want to read something.
Do something about it.
I think it would be better on the right side as well.
What about the bottom of the page in tiny ass letters like in those fuckin' infomercials, insurance commercials and all that shit, lol. :D
Another vote for right