Peter ordered to fight Vitali

It's tough to make a prediction having no idea what kind of shape Vitali is in after these last couple years and if he has any lingering problems with his injuries.

That being said I hope Peter takes it for the sole reason that I'd like to see Peter-Wladdy II to crown a true champ.

I really don't want the situation where the best two boxers in the HW division won't fight each other.
I think the WBC has a real hard on for Vitali. It amazes me how many chances he gets to just walk right back in the picture again.

He'll probably pull out through injury again anyway.
Peter will crush Vitali, he won't last more than a few rounds
Vitali won't make it to the ring. And if he does, some bone or ligament will give up and Vitali quits before round 8.
I agree that I would much rather see Vlad vs Pidr but he's champion emiretus. the time to bitch about it was when he was awarded that status by the wbc. NOW if he wants to box there's no reason he shouldn't. If he wants to box for the title and rule the heavyweight division with his brother, as was their life-long dream, there's no reason why he shouldn't. Complaining here is futile....honestly I don't think Peter really has a chance at winning more than 2 rounds against Vlad now anyway so I want his ppl to jump on the winner of chagaev/valuev and that's as good as undisputed champ for me.
I don't know, if Vitali makes it to the ring he could definitely win.

If he fights the same robotic way his brother did against Peter and doesn't fall down every other round, it could be a shutout.

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