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Dec 16, 2001
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Come on guys, gimme the top five things that totally piss you off.

1. Good guy badges
I fucking hate it when people respond to things in a way which is expected. They've been conditioned to behave a certain way, then show off how morally outraged the are. Just like the rest of the heard. HATE IT.

2. Women who think they're better than men
I respect womens rights in the workplace and in the world in general. I do not however think they're in any way superior.

3.People with names like Latifa Faniqua Jackson
Those names are African, they're gibberish.

4.Sloppy Eaters
It's just fucking gross.

5.Vegans (for moral reasons)
Not trying to start any fights here but people who think there's something morally wrong with killing a cow (that's been raised to die for food) really need to kill themselves.
1. Stupid ass threads
2. People in restaurants saying "I want this" instead of the much politer "could I have this"
3. People with ugly mustaches (girls included) who are quite capable of shaving them off but don't just to piss people off when they look at them.
Girls with Hairy arms

Anyone who thinks women can do anthing men can do because they can't and Vice versa. Were not equal so we need to stop pretending.

I hate that guy who wears the red Berret on MSNBC

and the majority of Suffolk County Cops
1) Killer bees
2) Karma
3) "Hey You"
4) Comedy Trousers
5) Oscar Wilde
I hate people who have huge egos and pretend like they're the greatest thing ever.
Well then you must hate yourself :). I hate stupid people and ugly people and dirty people.
I agree big time Berserk411. Personally I think there are some things women are better at (nursing for example) but I don't believe women should be given a chance to be in the army if they can't meet the same standards as males.
fucking Vegans...jesus christ, someone needs to slaughter and eat them. I'm not normally a cannibal, but i'll change lifestyles to shut them the hell up.
Don't worry fellas, I'm working hard to counteract the vegan-isation of the world and preventing a massive population explosion in beef, pork and poultry. I eat lots of meat at EVERY meal!

I will die by heart attack one day but I will have eaten well!
Hateful things.

1. Women yelling at me, getting in my face and talking as a man would without the consequences a man would face.

2. Fraz Kafka, I can't choke this dry shit down.

3. Myself and those who don't care about me.

4. People who aren't generally nice.

5. Hemmorhoids, there is nothing worse than getting a nice fucking slab of shitmeat in bed, bending the cow over and seeing a bunch of purple red grapes hanging out of her asshole.
Originally posted by Berserk411
Girls with Hairy arms

Haven't you ever heard that girls with hairy forearms have the best pussy? I'm not saying go fuck a Yeti, but if a girl has a little fuzz on her forearms, set phasers to Hit It!
Razor, just smack ho's like that.

Bitches want equal rights, here they come baby right on the end of the straight right hand slamming into your chin.
1) ungrateful people
2) people who think they're smart just cause they go to college
3) "wwaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuupp!!!!!!!!!"
4) jimmy eat world
5) the zealous politically correct
6) girls who dress like whores but then act bitchy when you try talkin to em at clubs
7) reality tv shows
8) people who can't get on a fucking ski lift properly
9) people who bitch about their going-nowhere careers but are too lazy to do anything about it
10) oprah
11) girls who tell you that you'd make a perfect boyfriend---but don't want to hook up with you. then they bitch about not being able to find the right guy
12) modern metallica
13) 95% of people on the road
14) update to #1: freeloaders
15) kids that think they're sooo modern & cool cause their new silk shirt has some kinda gay tribal, martini glass, flames, or dice on it.

oh did you say 5? i thought you said 15
I dug all fifteen of your peeves, so it's cool. Lemme add some more of my own.

6. Asian Chicks
Ho Chi Pukey So Sicky (as I am so fond of saying)

7. People who feel the need to elevate themselves above others through the use of jargon and technobabble.

8. Girls who think giving head is "icky"
Ok, here's my top 5;

1. People walking up or down and escalator. I mean, for Christ's sakes the stairs are moving people! This defeats the need to walk up them!!

2. When someone says calls me "buddy". There's nothing I hate more, and I just want to punch people out when they call me buddy. Jesus Christ, give me a little common respect.

3. People who are stuck on themselves. No explanation necessary. They all need a kick in the ass, though.

4. People who run colleges/universities. These people won't give you an inch. They constantly fuck up, and you end up having to go through great amounts of stress and bullshit to finally get everything straightened out because they have no fucking clue at all.

5. The Canadian revenue service or whatever they're called. The Canadian version of the IRS. See #4.
Originally posted by Squezze
Ok, here's my top 5;

1. People walking up or down and escalator. I mean, for Christ's sakes the stairs are moving people! This defeats the need to walk up them!!

no way squezze! i do that all the time. it's cool cause it makes you feel like you're walking x-tra fast.

those conveyor belt things that they have at airports.........fucking rule!!! i love sprinting across them
MTV - my god it's just shit, it's mostly adverts and when there is "music" played it's fad-tacular.

Trolls in forums - no explanation needed

Wars in forums - I've yet to be in a forum without some sort of neverending X vs Y.
a new one to add that i forgot:

girl's ugly ass friends!!! the only reason the girl hangs out with the fat/ugly is make herself look hotter in public.
the fat/ugly's ALWAYS cockblock when you're trying to do your thing.

those bitches need to get a fuckin life!
I hate when people chew their food with their mouth open and when they make noises when they eat.