Peripheral vision with guards up


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Jul 19, 2005
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Anyone else feel your peripheral vision gets sacrificed when you have your guard up?

I do fine keeping my guard down, but my MT instructor gives me shlt about it all the time. I know it's an absolute to always keep it up, but I feel my peripheral vision gets deterred a bit. Are my eyes just screwed up or do some of you share this problem.
Where exactly are your hands when your guard is up? If you keep them above the eyes you may want to keep them a bit farther away from your head. You can see pretty well peripherally with them about 6-8 inches from your head. You can also just keep them a bit lower, knuckles the same level as your nose.
your guard is up pretty high then. You only really need to be guarding your chin %100 of the time, you can raise your hands to defend against other shit as it comes.
these guys are right, i've never had this kind of problem, it sounds as if you have a guard that's actually to high, which is also a danger because you have a larger area of your body exposed to things like shovel hooks, or in a street situation kidney shots.
Sounds like the "cage defense" ala winky wright or mike tyson. It can make punches to the head really h ard to land for your opponent, thus really frustrating them. Try lowering your hands just enough to give you your vision back but still protect your chin.