Paper back books are dying but publishers are killing it themselves


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Sep 21, 2011
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As a wannabe writer I kind of hope they are. I'm getting into ebooks now and finding the whole process more user friendly and basically more profitable.

I can't stand dealing with these people anymore. They're so backward and outdated it's so hard for me to even provide their problems in bullet point form. I'm sick of having to fork out an extra 50 quid a month just to mail off my manuscripts to them. This is 2012 and 90% of them don't accept email submissions!? Do you have any idea how much paper those guys waste? If anyone cared about their industry they'd be laughed off the face of the earth.

The final straw came with me when I actually started communicating with these people and realised what a great bunch of clueless morons they are. In one email the guy told me it was strange that I chose to make my two main characters brother and sister, he said normally the right thing to do is to have two love interests, and he wouldn't accept it on that principle. There you have it. People think Hollywood is the one running out ideas but it's actually the outdated traditional publishing industry with their obsession on stereotypical genre fiction who holding down the floodgates on originality. If more writers give up on traditional publishing and move to ebooks we'll see a new explosion of original ideas and concepts. Until then there's no way a new and young writer who thinks up his own ideas can get in. It's easier to get in into the industry by either ripping off the flavour of the month or reproducing the same old thrash out or the popular genres. Walk into your local bookshop, the shelves are full of Tolkien fan fiction these days.

The most popular new books of our age are as follows: a children's book, Da Vinci Code, a vampire porno, an even more porno oriented fan fiction of that vampire porno.

Fair enough 50 shades was in fact an ebook but it stands to reason there's be some successful crap too and it shouldn't hold back what might come in future. However, even that is funny because despite all the critisim laid on the book by the traditional industry it didn't stop them from publishing it when it got popular. 50 shades proves publishers are willing to sell out when the crap is successful. Trad publishers try pretend they're the gate keepers of quality yet when an ebook gets success they jump straight on it. It goes to show they really have no leg to stand on any more. Quality means nothing to them. 50 shades proves traditional publishing has outlive its purpose and it's time to cut out the middle man.
Try using Blurb to publish books on your own if you have the money.

Also, the ebooks are great for giving striving authors more of a chance to get there stuff published but I'll definitely miss hardbound books. I buy books that are my absolute favorites so I'll always have them on my shelves. Plus, like it is with albums the cover art has always been part of a book to me and I'm gonna kinda miss that.
I hope not. I hate using Ebook readers, I like holding a physical copy of a book in my hand.
I know you were talking more about the publishing side of it, but from a consumer's point of view I think there will always be demand for actual physical paper books. I have a pretty solid book collection and I have no interest in buying a kindle or e-reader. I still buy books, and prefer the overall experience of having an actual book in my hands, and I'm only 30 so it's not like I'm a dinosaur shaking my fist at the new technology.
I hope not. I hate using Ebook readers, I like holding a physical copy of a book in my hand.

You know I do both, and I still thoroughly enjoy holding a book in the traditional way, even though E-books does same me space in my carry ons whenever I'm in transit
Can't stand ebooks. Honestly paperback is the way to go. There's no DRM, you own the book outright. Its not a hard cover so you don't have to pay as much $$ or worry about the binding so much. You can throw them at people, loan them out. Having a real book is just so much better. Except when you have to move. Then books suck. But other than that, they are good.
In the future when things are shit, there will be no literature left besides what has been written down. Eventually there will be a time when there be no way to power the device you use as an ebook, the format will change and become obselete, or the books you have become considered subversive and they get remotely deleted even if somehow power and formatting issues don't come up. Keep books real!
Who the fuck would want to hold a book? The death of paperbacks cannot come soon enough.
I hope not. I hate using Ebook readers, I like holding a physical copy of a book in my hand.

Not me man. I personally really do enjoy reading from a tablet, phone, or computer screen. Nothing against books, but everything is just so convenient now.

Not to mention it's A LOT more easier to find things from the internet like manga or comics for free or cheap then the physical copies.

But of course, that's just me.
I only read real books.
i honestly love having books stored on my phone.

always with me always available
I prefer paperbacks to ebooks, and I also think I shouldn't have to pay the full price of an ebook when digitally publishing is infinitely cheaper than on paper. If a book comes out hardback, you have to pay the same amount if you buy it digitally as if you bought the hardback. Ridiculous.
paper doesnt cost all that much in the bulk quantities a publisher buys it in
I prefer hardback but the amount of ebooks you can get for peanuts is astonishing.

Love my Kindle.
Ebooks are so much more convenient, in every way. I don't have to go to the bookstore and a lot of books are cheaper.

Plus, books are a pain in the ass.
so you are bitching because you can't get your book published? have you ever thought that your book might suck?

have you published anything?

you only send your 1st 3 chapters so not sure how you are wasting that much paper

also, ebooks are for queer ass hipsters.