Orange Belt
Sep 1, 2003
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Pants were once made out of a single weave or double weave style. But somewhere down the road you had to have a smooth cotton pants to compete in.
My question is, would you be interested in a single weave style pants just to practice in and how much would you be willing to pay. I would like to hear the pros and cons. Any thoughts?
Pants are usually canvas right? I know some gi's have the thick canvas that is like sandpaper on your skin. Others have regular cotton pants.

Who makes the best gi pants that are comfortable yet durable enough to roll in?
Gameness has the most comfortable pants I've ever felt and worn. Whatever you guys make yours out of is good.
So, is there any interest in these? I'm wondering if the weave would dig into your skin causing burns. With rough canvas pants, I wear knee pads to keep the skin on my knees from wearing away.
I would have no interest in a single weave pants since it would cut behind my knees once the guy hold the pants.

Your pants are actually AWESOME. They are the best pants on the market though. Don't change them. I love them. They're really confortable.
i like mizuno or hck it's the same pants however, very good quility for a good price
Ive had several sets of Gameness pants and Gis, while very comfortable pants, the knees blow out too soon with everyday practice. Would the practice single weave you are talking about help with this? If so great! A pair of practice pants that really hold up has got to be worth 50 bucks.