Blue Belt
May 7, 2007
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had three guys in my bracket,all who byed to the absolutes,so i took the super-heavy by default;lost in the absolutes to a marcelo garcia student who won it all!i blew it ,had him in a kimura for the last 45 seconds and he wasn;t tapping,he won by did everyone else do?guys it was a great tourney,i'd say 2000 competitors,and packed houses all three days!overall i think americans who practise jj are getting very close to their brazilian counterparts...
musta been disappointing to not get to showcase your skills in your weight class, regardless, i bet it was an awesome experience
God dammit. Are results up ANYWHERE? I heard both my instructors took first in their divisions, and a couple other guys from my school did really well, but I can't find results anywhere. What the fuck?
Patience Mr. irc. They'll be on the bjj federation website in a few days.
i had a flight out early sunday how did dave jacobs do...?