Pam Anderson/Hep C


dope man
Jun 22, 2002
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my question is this, knowing that pam anderson has hepititus C, would you still tap that ass? i have heard many people address this question, and i have heard about 50% say yes and 50% say no. the question is if you would hit it, not if you would let her give you a bj. so would you?
Wear a rubber and it is all good. Can tou get Hep C from going down on a grubby bitch like her?
Fuck that, my dick is worth more to me than some worn out celebrity pussy.
Hep C is a liver disease and considering the amount of partying i've done my livers already not in the best shape. So i'd have to say fuck yea. Shit i'd consider it if she had hiv.
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I wouldn't have before nor would I now

True! Not my taste - I can think of 100 celebrities that I would hit before her!
BTW - Her with no make up on........

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BTW - Her with no make up on........


Dude theres no fucking way thats her. Maybe after she smokes a pound of meth and doesn't sleep for a year, but that ain't the Pam I jerk it too.
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Here's 1 more.......

Damn!! Ain't that a bitch/ I wouldn't fuck her. My health is more imporatant than that. I'll stick to jerkin off to her nice pics from Playboy

Arn Anderson looks better than Pam without makeup.
Hound you fool, The Enforcer would smash your ass!

Would Ric Flair be there as well?
I wouldnt throw my ding dong in her! It is Hep C... fuck you cant lose that.. it is death! Its not like it is crabs. So does this mean that kid rock has it and so does tommy?
Nooooo is this the fall of Motely Crue?
LOL, Pam Anderson is so loose you can here her labia clapping when she wears a skirt.