Pac-Man v Hatton?

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Jan 12, 2008
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According to a recent article out by Roy Luarca for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach says after Pacquiao fights David Diaz, he will then fight Ricky Hatton.

Quoted by the publication, Roach stated:
Not that I am completely against this fight, but.....

There are plenty of great match ups for Pac-Man at LW if he wants them, and for Hatton at 140 there is Malignaggi, the potential super UK bout with Witter, and down the line maybe Torres and D-Hop.

I don't really see the necessity of this fight, it seems like another gratuitous money match up.
hatton is a big strong physical and durable guy, at that weight i think pac has big shots; but i think he won't have the devastating power he has shown at lower weights, not just that but hatton takes a pretty good lick too.

hatton will muscle and maul pac on the inside, not necessarilty tear him up w/punches; but he will get his shots in though.

just don't know what pac does when he isn't more dynamic and powerful fighter...
The size and strength advantage that Ricky would have over Manny would make the difference in my mind.

and for Hatton at 140 there is Malignaggi

That would be a fight I would love to see.
hopefully we get this fight instead of hatton mayweather II
How many times does Ricky want to get KOed?

lol get real.

This will be an easy fight for Hatton. Pac will be pushing his luck fighting at 135, let alone the best 140 fighter in the world. It's absurd.
Nah.. Pac can't stand with Ricky. Hope he'll stay at 135.
140 fighters are too bigger for him. Remember that Manny started at 112!
How many times does Ricky want to get KOed?

Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing this.

Hatton should win it; I don't think anyone wants a rematch with Mayweather..
Personally, I think Pac can carry enough power at 140 to hurt Ricky. Enough to starch him with one punch? Probably not, but think of the sheer volume of straight left hands Ricky would be taking. Seriously, Manny has shown a knack for landing the straight left against some crafty fighters with very solid defense. Nothing i've seen from Ricky has shown me he could effectively defend that punch.
ricky hatton will beat very very bad manny he should stay far from a hatton fight
I would like to see pac vs hatton, would be an exciting fast paced match.. I would say Hatton would take it though.
Jesus. some folks are so uneducated to the fight game.
Ricky got be by proberley the best boxer there is and whoever mayweather boxed he will beat them.

So forgetting about that fight , ricky is still a force to be reckoned with, his body shot are second to none and his record is pretty fucking stellar. Hes never ducked anyone and wants the big fights.

I think pac man would be gobbled up by the hitman.
Id like to see witter get banged out too.

The fight i like is malignaggi.

One of my brothers boxed with ricky at salewest back in the day and we have been to 2 of his vagas fights.
But a trip to MSG would be great, stay at my cousins bar in manhattan, get trashed and watch malignaggi get battered.
Its a surefire action fight that will generate millions...might be biggest purse in history with their respective populations totally involved in this.

This appears to be the plan for 2009 after hatton's MSG and PBF/wembly quest. He might have a super fight with amir khan or witter for his british fans and then he'll probably finish his career with pacman.

Pacman still has to finish everyone off. Not that he's ducking anyone. He probably has to beat marquez again, altho i had him winning the 2nd fight. i had it 114-113 with 1 questionable rd which i gave to i had him comfortably ahead (same with my other avid boxing friend). He'lll probably fight diaz, and many other fighters at 135 and 140 and clean out both divisions while waiting for hatton.

As far as the fight goes, Hatton should win. he should be between a 3:1 and 2:1 favorite. Pacman might be pushing it by going up to jr ww while hatton is a monster there.

But this matchup will happen. There's too much money from these two massive draws...if not the two biggest draws in boxing.