Overeem vs Dos Santos Next


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Jul 19, 2012
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Then Cain V Dos Santos/Overeem. Sounds good.

Edit: Assuming he gets past whoever is next.
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overeem > jds, cain. overeem is a freak of nature people will soon realize.
isn't overeem already fighting on the superbowl card? don't think jds has enough time to prepare.
i the reporter misunderstood. Reem is fighting Bigfoot and if he wins that fights Cain
I don't really see the point of that unless Cain is looking at a long layoff.

If Hunt beats Struve I'd like to see him face JDS personally, it'll be a good test of either Jnr's standup ro whether he can expand his offence.
I cant see how anyone can say jds would maul overreem. Overreem has better stand up then cain and cain was better on his feet them jds, doesnt make sense.
How 'bout we wait to see if Reem gets past Silva for fucks sake? That fight could be another surprise like this one.
I agree jds just lost he should have to work his way back up if hes not gettn am immediate rematch and overreem shouldnt haveto have another fights if he wins his next one.