Overdosing on a protein shake? (Yahoo article)


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Nov 12, 2004
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OTTAWA (Reuters) - A Canadian teenager caught driving at almost twice the speed limit told police he had overdosed on a protein drink and was desperately looking for a washroom, the Ottawa Citizen reported on Friday.

Hayder Mobarak's tale did not impress a local judge, who gave him a whopping C$926 fine ($760) and banned him from driving for 30 days. Mobarak was clocked doing 195 km per hour (115 miles per hour) on a road where the limit was 100 km/h.

"I was going to the gym and I was taking a protein shake and if you overdose it's really painful. This is why I was rushing to the washroom ... I wasn't thinking, I was in pain," the newspaper quoted 19-year-old as saying.

The incident could cost Mobarak even money later on. An insurance company official told the paper that a high-risk young driver would have to pay C$8,000 a year to insure a new car.
He should have been banned for stupidity and bad lying.
are they saying b/c he had "od" on protein shakes that he had to shit real bad?? B/c i do get that sometimes...lol
Great. Now a state is going to ban protein shakes. ;)

it is funny though, if you OD on protein, is really painful. I have had the gas from weightgainers and my gf refuses to go out with me after taking some of that. Or at least for the first few days until my body acclimates to it.
now is that even thoeretically possible? Wouldnt you have to drink a protein shake.. ALL DAY to "overdose" on protein?
How funny would it have been if he walked in the courtroom, and the judge walks in and even through his robe you can tell he's a beefcake. The kid is like, "Fuck me..."
you can get a stomach ache but what the hell is he talking about over dosing. what an idot
tshay2003 said:
now is that even thoeretically possible? Wouldnt you have to drink a protein shake.. ALL DAY to "overdose" on protein?
You can consume too much of anything, though I wouldnt call too much of a macronutrient and OD
He should have shit in his pants letting the officer smell it when he wrote up the ticket.
With the amount of red tape in Canada, you can probably expect this little incident to put protein powder on the control substances list. Haha.
He should have just shit himself. I've been in the same position. Not going 115mph though, lol.
he probably just needed to come up with some kind of excuse to save his own ass. I just hope he's happy that he probably tarnished the name of protein. I hate him.