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other than going to a gym, what are some ways i can work on my stand-up?


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Sep 24, 2007
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there aren't really any decent gyms around here, and i'd be loathe to join one now anyway as i'm leaving for basic training in about two months.

however, i'd still like to improve my striking (it's terrible), and if you guys have any tips at all or could recommend an instructional or what have you, that'd be great.

i'm 6'0, lean, and a southpaw; if any of that makes a difference.

Join a gym for two months, have the trainer show you the very basics, and practice them all through your bootcamp etc untill you can go to the gym again. I have not seen any instructional that gives the attention to detail that a coach will give you that is necessary to teach you how to throw realy good punches.

It takes most people atleast a few months to get a decent jab or jab-cross going. The best thing you can do is learn the proper technique, have a coach watch you for atleast a month so you do it perfectly, then rinse and repeat for a year untill it feels so natural you feel the need to do it everytime you get up to go to another room. Not much else you can do without a gym, but when you come back from bootcamp you'll atleast be able to throw a decent 1-2 and you'll be able to move onto other things.

Having said that, you can learn about some pretty nice concepts by watchinge all the Rodney King CM tapes. They are a good intro to stand up fighting and he goes into detail of the how and why's of every technique he uses. But he still won't teach you how to actually throw a correct punch. No instructional I've seen goes over every detail.
Buy the Bas rutten tapes, if Possible.
If not, look up proper form on youtube and then practice slow (eather on a heavy bag or shadow boxing) for a while and gradually speed it up. The only thing bad about this, is that if you are doing something wrong and keep doing it you make a habbit, and no coach to explain what you're doing wrong, its hard to shrug it off.
Good luck
honestly, unless you are planning on fighting anytime soon, I would recommend doing a ton of strength building and conditioning stuff instead of trying to train standup without a proper coach. You will be much better off by the time you do go to a gym. If you try to self train you will probably have shit technique and a bunch of habits that will need to be unlearned. If you concentrate on strength and conditioning you will at least have your body as close to ready as possible for some serious training and won't have to waste time unlearning shitty technique. I swear to you it will be so helpful having good cardio when you first start training at a real gym. That was one of the worst parts of beginning training for me was getting my cardio up.
shadow boxing.. in front of the mirror you can analyze your form a lot of good things can come from it
nearly everyone these days knows someone that knows more then they do. if you know someone that is a good striker get them to do some bag work or sparring with you
1. Join A Gym

2. Participate in a boxing program once you get into the Military

3. Wait

4. Run, Sprint, Run, Sprint, Run.
What branch you going into? Where will you/want to get stationed? There will almost ALWAYS be gyms near your base since contact sports draw similar type personalities ;)
Hmm, well better footwork will give you better stand up. It's not really what you do with your hands, it's what you do with your whole body. If you have good, straight, snapping punches then start jumping rope, dance with your hands up for about an hour, practice rotating your hips on crosses correctly. Footwork is the most important thing in stand up imo. Don't worry about power so much, ko power comes with technique and speed, not strength.

Also, practice keeping your hands up, bringing the hands back to gaurding the jaw as quick as possible after throwing a punch.
I'd say to either go to a gym to learn the basics or hold off until you can. There is no need to develope bad habbits that will be hard to break when you could just hold off for a bit. Just try to get in good cardio shape, which basic will certainly help with and then when you want to take the time to got to a gym do so.