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Aug 4, 2006
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I've long since found that I feel and perform best when I have some starchy carbs in the morning, but restrict them at other times in the day except for around my workouts (basically, Berardi's approach to moderate carb tolerance). So, for a long time, that has meant OATS. Don't get me wrong, I love oats. But I'm looking for some more, healthy, perhaps more nutrient-dense alternatives to oats. No processed cereals or anything like that here, I'm looking for realwhole grains, minimally processed if at all. Thanks.
sweet potatoes, oats, and starchy fruits are my only major carbs sources
although not grains, other good starchy carb sources are quinoa (technically a seed), sweet potatoes, squash, etc
x2 on the Ezekiel Bread. Pricey, but good.
Not sure, but barley may be another good addition. I've got a couple bags I haven't digged into yet so I can't comment personally.
I've always overlooked quinoa, it might be time to try some. Any relative of the leafy green family is a friend to me.
Big tip on cooking the quinoa: cook it in chicken stock instead of water. way more flavor.
I saw some in Vitamin Cottage the other day and considered trying it. I don't know shit about it though.
I've never tried quinoa. Do you prepare and eat the stuff just like oats?
Big tip on cooking the quinoa: cook it in chicken stock instead of water. way more flavor.


I always missed eating quinoa because it sounds pretty hippish to me, but I will give it ago

Hmm.....omlette with mince or some kind of meat and chicken stocked quinoa for breakfast

I wonder what that would be like
wow...i'm suprised that so many of you have never had it.

My Wegman's (grocery store) has "organic" quinoa by the pound in a bin. 1.99 a pound.

dirt cheap and delicous.

off the top of my head, this is berardi's recipe (mind you, his portions are usually too small for me).

1 cup of water and a binch of salt. Bring to a boil in a pot. add 1/2 cup of quinoa (it's always 2 parts water 1 part quinoa). cover with lid and cook on medium heat for 12 minutes.

When done, apply to plate and pour two tablespoons of lemon juice on it. enjoy with chicken/fish/meat.


When the kitchen timer goes off after twelve minutes. Throw in a handful or two of spinach and cover with lid again. Turn the stove off after another 20-30 seconds and let it sit on the turned off stove (i have an electric one) for another minute maybe. Then mix it up before putting on your plate.


Very easy to warm up in the microwave. Doesn't mess with taste or texture in any way. I eat this and oven baked chicken (chicken breast with a small drizzle of oil and a bit of salt, covered in garlic powder baked in the toaster oven at 400 degrees for 20-25 min)
I considered quinoa before, but the product I saw was ridiculously expensive. 1.99/lb sure sounds good!

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